Long-term thinking guides everything we do to sustain Kush Bottles’ success and create value for shareholders. Good corporate governance encourages accountability and transparency, and promotes good decision-making to support our business over the long-term.

Kush Bottles Board of Directors:

  • Nicholas Kovacevich – Chairman
  • Dallas Imbimbo
  • Eric Baum
  • Barbara Goodstein

The Company’s Chairman is responsible for:

  • Coordinating the activities of the directors, and is authorized to call meetings of the directors;
  • Coordinating with the Officers of the Company and Corporate Secretary to set the agenda for Board meetings, soliciting and taking into account suggestions from other members of the Board;
  • Presiding at Board meetings.

Governance Documents:

View our corporate governance documents

Insider Trading Policy

Attendance at Annual Meetings

Members of the Board of Directors are encouraged to attend the Company’s Annual Meeting; however, attendance is not mandatory.