Investor FAQs

Where is Kush Bottles' corporate headquarters?

The Kush Bottles corporate headquarters is located in Orange County at:
1800 Newport Circle
Santa Ana, CA 92705

When was Kush Bottles founded?

Kush Bottles was founded in 2010 by a group of young entrepreneurs with a goal of revolutionizing the cannabis packaging industry.

When did Kush Bottles go public?

On June 8, 2015 Kush Bottles became an effective registrant with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

What is Kush Bottles’ ticker symbol?

Kush Bottles is listed under the symbol KSHB.

How many employees does Kush Bottles have?

Kush Bottles has more than 65 employees in four states: California, Washington,  Colorado, and Nevada.

Who makes up the Kush Bottles Management team and Board of Directors?

See our Leadership page for information on the Kush Bottles leadership team.

Who is Kush Bottles’ auditor?

Kush Bottles is audited by RBSM LLP.

How can I view documents Kush Bottles has filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)?

Documents filed by Kush Bottles with the SEC can be found in the on our SEC Filings page.

Who should I contact regarding investor inquiries?

If you would like further information, please contact:

KCSA Strategic Communications
Elizabeth Barker / Phil Carlson
212-896-1203 / 212-896-1233